If your family and you want to become legal permanent residents of the USA (get a green card) and you can afford to invest $500,000 in one of the Government approved EB5 programs you could be living legally in America within six months. Through this EB5 green card program, you and your family will receive green cards and will be able to live anywhere in the USA. Your children can attend all American schools, colleges and universities under this program. American EB-5 Centers can provide you investments that are structured to meet EB-5 requirements so you can get your green card quickly. The rules governing the EB5 program are very complex and unlike any other Green Card program offered by the USCIS. Our legal and professional teams are available to answer any questions you, and/or advisers may have concerning the EB5 Immigrant Investor Green Card Program, at no cost and with no obligation. Some of our services are, but not limited to,

Business Services

  • Project or Business Sourcing-We will source, create, or remodel a business or project to suit your individual needs and desires.
  • New or Existing Entity-This can consist of a new creation or an existing troubled business
  • Business Creation of Immigrants Desired category- We can create or duplicate an investor’s profession or wanted business venture to qualify for an EB-5.
  • Passive or Active Involvement from Investor- The Investor can be a passive non-working partner or completely involved in the day to day business with American EB-5’s Centers professional group management.
  • Relocation Teams- American EB-5 Centers has a full relocation team to assist in the complete relocation of you and your entire family needs including but not limited to Real Estate sales and rentals, translation, schooling, arriving to the USA for the first time and anything else that you require.

Banking Services

  • Escrow Services- A brief discussion of how the PPM, Escrow and Subscription Agreements interplay; as well as release of funds, Min/Max PPM requirements and General Best Practices.
  • International Banking Recommendation- This provides a discussion about how funds are moved from country to country as necessitated by law and custom.
  • Source of Funds A brief discussion of how to show a proper path for funds and how the investment was obtained through lawful means.
  • Document Preparation

    • Business Plan This plan describes the development of the business. It is often used by the USCIS to govern the job count requirement. The Security and Exchange Commission’s (‘SEC”) viewpoint is the Private Placement Memorandum as the governing document; the USCIS uses the Business Plan as the governance document in an EB5 project. This means that the standard marketing based business plan is no longer sufficient. An EB5 Business Plan must be an intricate document with use of proceeds, deployment of funds structuring, and much more including SEC compliance. EB5 Petition employees the best EB5 Business Plan writers available in order to ensure invested funds are accessible and investors are granted proper residency status
    • Economic Analysis This document is used by the USCIS to determine if the Project will create the required jobs to qualify for the EB5 Program. The key element to any EB5 Project is the Economic Analysis. This document provides the evidence of job creation that the USCIS will rely on at the I-829 stage. These calculations need to be comprehensive and highly accurate. EB5 Petition employs the most widely respected economic analysts currently preparing EB5 econometric studies. We are well versed in both Implan and RIMS II which are the only approved job count calculation methods accepted by the USCIS. EB5 Petition can compose an Economic Analysis that produces the maximum realistic number of jobs created by a project; thereby, helping the project attain the funding needed, and securing the interest of any investor involved with the project.
    • Limited Partnership Agreement- This agreement describes the ownership and how the General partner and Limited Partner will operate the business. Limited Partnership Agreements structure the relationship of the limited partner investor and the general partner investor. Such agreements grant the rights and privileges of both investors and the general partner, as well as provide security to those wishing to make an investment. The EB5 program requires that any investment be at risk in order for an immigrant investor to be approved residency. Therefore, a properly executed Limited Partnership Agreement is very important.
    • Private Placement Memorandum- A PPM is a legal document that describes the project completely. Private Placement Memorandums are a required document for any EB5 Project. The accuracy and clarity in this document is of the up most importance. Based on the USCIS stance on material change, errors or inconsistencies within this document can result in the denial of the immigrant investor’s I-829 petition.

    Immigration Services

    • Consular Interview and I-485- Application for an immigrant Visa through adjustment of status (Form I-485) in the United States with USCIS.
    • I-526 Application for Temporary Green Card.
    • I-829 – A Form I-829 petition to remove the conditions on the Lawful Permanent Resident (‘LPR”) status must be filed at the end of the two-year conditional period. If the alien has fulfilled the EB-5 requirements, then the conditions will be removed and the alien will be an unconditional LPR.

    The first step in gaining access to the U.S. through EB5 investment is the I-526 application. This application will grant the investor and their family a 2 year Conditional Green Card. The process requires the transfer of EB5 funds totaling $500,000 USD ($1,000,000 USD if made in a non T.E.A), and a comprehensive application including the I-526 Form with additional supporting documentation from the applicant.

    At American EB-5 Centers we have the top processing TEAM who have streamlined and perfected this process. Contact us today and have confidence that your I-526 petition is being handled in the most professional and experienced group available. Contact us today to start your path to Residency in the USA.