About Us

The TEAM goal is to provide you, as the Investor, Attorney or Consultant, the information necessary to answer the many questions you will encounter on a frequent basis. Our dedicated and experienced TEAM will provide answers to all your questions.

  • All answers will be provided but not limited to: Business Services, Project or Business Sourcing, Relocation, Banking Services, Escrow Services, International Banking Recommendations, Document Preparation, Business Plans, Eco metric Analysis, Limited Partnership Agreements, Private Placement Memorandums, Immigration Services, Consular Interview and I-485, I-526 and I-829 Processing regarding the present requirements mandated by the USCIS (Unites States Citizenship & Immigration Services).The United States Congress created a new employment-based immigration policy in 1990 to allow foreign entrepreneurs to invest in new commercial job-creating enterprises in exchange for an expedited lawful permanent resident immigration status which leads to U.S. Citizenship..
  • The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) allocates 10,000 immigrant visas (green cards) each year to qualified individuals seeking to obtain permanent residence in the U.S. on the basis of their investment in a qualified U.S. enterprise.

Our professional TEAM consists of economists and expert analysts to help provide proper job count, attorneys and accountants to provide consistent accurate answers and preparation of all documents, business plan writers and multilingual paralegal support staff among the other complex steps and personnel required for a successful application.

The United States is a safe harbor for you the investor/petitioner family as well as their personal and business investments. Investors have constant and easy access to the United States for personal, trade and business purposes.

Permanent residents and US passport holders travel to the United States and most countries without the need of a visa. Investors may work, live or own their business anywhere in the United States.

The cost of living in the United States is less than most large industrial nations. Consumer goods, services, and housing are significantly less expensive than comparable services and goods in most other countries.

The United States also provides many financial and educational entitlements and benefits such as public schools, health and medical attention, social security, and higher education.